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Welcome to Pemaquid Oils...

"I began my love of oils as an Esthetician in my early 20s.  I watched how people’s lives were changed for the better!  My love of nature and the smells from my many gardens and my greenhouse have given me greater insight into how life-changing these oils can be.... my journey began."  Donna Roden

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Not Just a Crazy Fad!

- Ryan N (NY, NY) -
Pemaquid Oils is made by a woman I am lucky enough to call a friend, Donna. Even back in the 90s, Donna was keen on health hacks that are now common practice. She has been a licensed Esthetician for years, refining her toolbox along the way. Check them out for a line of Essential Oils with health benefits, simple and potent ingredients, and a loving dedication to quality control.

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