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- About The Brand -

My Story...

I began my love of oils as an Esthetician in my early 20s. I watched my work change people's lives - for the better! My love of nature and the smells from my many gardens and my greenhouse have given me greater insight into how life-changing these oils can be - my journey began.


Ever since my childhood, I found my peace when my hands were in the dirt or wearing my rubber boots and stomping through the creeks in my neighborhood. In the last few years, I've been blessed to travel to many places throughout the world - from working in Africa and creating a Women's Empowerment Program for destitute women in villages to seeking out herbs and oils in five continents. 


Oils of all sorts were natural to me. I learned the healing and cleansing power of herbs by diffusing them.  Transitioning to starting my own oil company was natural and gave me purpose. I love being in the health and well-being business!


Now I watch as my oils are infused with herbs and extracts that I've found all over the world. Whether you like the oils infused by an herb store in Giza, Egypt's back roads, the herb bazaar of Istanbul, Fez Morocco, or Luang Prabang Laos.  I hope you feel their healing and powerful influence.


As a result of the benefits I've received, I've decided to share these beautiful oils with the rest of the world, so you can experience the same effects I have.


Please come and join my adventure!





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