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"I began my love of oils as an Esthetician in my early 20s.  I watched how people’s lives were changed- for the better!  My love of nature and the smells from my many gardens and my greenhouse have given greater insight into how life-changing these oils can be- my journey began."  Donna Roden

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-Ryan N (NY,NY)

My intention with this post, originally, was to point out the lip balm and essential oils made by Pemaquid Oils. However, now that I have tried the Hydrating Facial Oil, I'm going to share my wonderful experience, with a product true to it's name. I'm guilty of being a face product snob. I go through the new trendy products and try to hunt out the ones that have yet to become commercialized and loose their luster. Here is my most recent obsession, one that will clearly not fade with time. The ingredients are from the far corners of the Earth and the list is short, straight to the point, and straight to the result. When I woke up this morning I found that my forehead was dry after a day in the sun and I wondered if I should even apply any product. I went for the Hydrating Facial Oil, within seconds, my skin began to glow, no irritation, just a pleasant dewey shine. Pemaquid is made by a woman I am lucky enough to call a friend, Donna. Even back in the 90s, Donna was keen to health-hacks that are now common practice. She has been a liscenced Esthetician for years, refining her toolbox along the way. Check them out for a line of products with health benefits, simple and potent ingredients, and loving dedication to quality control.