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April Gift Box

April Gift Box


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"I began my love of oils as an Esthetician in my early 20s.  I watched how people’s lives were changed- for the better!  My love of nature and the smells from my many gardens and my greenhouse have given greater insight into how life-changing these oils can be- my journey began."  Donna Roden

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What People Say

I am a Pilates Educator and use the Lavender & Mint Salve on my clients to help heal any pain they come in with. The results have been fast and miraculous! I use the No THC Hemp Extract Oil at night to relax before sleep. The Rose Geranium body balm is divine and gives my working hands 10 years back! I’m hooked. There is something so special about Pemaquid Oils' formulations; you can feel it in how rapidly effective they are. I’m hooked!"

-Krista L. Petaluma, CA


Meet Sophie...

I have always been drawn to natural remedies like essential oils, herbs, and teas. I was so lucky to have met Donna and been able to join her at Pemaquid Oils. I have a degree in Strategic Communications from The University of Vermont. I manage our social media, marketing, sales, office management, and all of the general assistance Pemaquid Oils and Donna needs! I am so happy you have found us and I hope you will join us on this wonderful journey.

Stay happy and healthy!

XO, Sophie”

Please come and join my adventure!

Love, Donna

Donna Roden

Pemaquid Oils

(207) 751-3185

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All of our products are cruelty-free and made in small batches in the US. None of them are tested on animals. Free shipping is limited to the U.S.