• Donna Roden

The Pemaquid Oils' ladies on our Hemp Extract Salves!

Updated: Mar 25

Have you been wondering why we love our Hemp Extract Salves so much?

In our office on the coast of Maine, Donna and Sophie tell you why you should love them too!

What Hemp Extract Salves do we carry?

How should I use my Hemp Extract Salves?

  • Apply on temples and back of neck for headaches

  • Apply on sore muscles and joints for instant relief

  • Inhale to relieve sinus pressure or congestion

  • Apply to areas affected by arthritis

  • Rub Lavender & Mint on chest and temples or inhale before bed for sleep aid and anxiety relief

  • Use Rosemary & Mint to aid memory

  • Apply to skin irritation: cuts, burns, bug bites, rashes, etc.

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