- Testimonials -


“Firstly, the packaging was lovely…as if I was opening a holiday gift! I diffused the French Lavender Essential Oil as soon as I received the goods. The aroma was calming and pure. I use the Moisturizing Body Oil nightly. It is luxuriously moisturizing. I take the No THC Hemp Extract Oil daily and I’m noticing that I have more positive energy and a clearer headspace. Thank you Pemaquid Oils!”-

Karina W.

Nobleboro, ME


"I love the Sage & Mint Salve! I play golf nearly every day and use the salve for shoulder and lower back pain. It works better than any pain reliever I’ve tried before! Also, I use 1000mg Hemp Extract Oil to help me sleep at night. Good job !!"

Glenn C.

Davenport, FL


"I had a rash on my face from surgical tape that I couldn’t get rid of. After applying the Plantain Salve on it, I was as good as new after a few days! Then I was advised to use it on my grandson’s terrible diaper rash. It cleared it up right away! This stuff is amazing! I use both the Facial Oil and the Body Oil and I love them both! These are great products!"

Linda P.

Damariscotta, ME


“I've had anxiety for almost as long as I can remember. I have various triggers but also sometimes just feel generally anxious and jittery. I started taking the 1500mg Hemp Extract Oil for my generalized anxiety and before exams for my testing anxiety. Before taking this if I got stuck on a biostatistics problem my brain would go in a million directions at once. Taking this gave me a clear head and I was able to calmly get through my finals this semester. I’m also super sensitive to caffeine and it's helped with my 'I drank too much coffee' jitters. This is the first hemp extract I’ve used consistently and I'm super happy with it!"

Hannah K.

Cranbury, NJ


"I have been using the Sage & Mint Salve on my wrist for carpal tunnel and it has helped immensely! I also love the way the Body Oil smells and I find it to be very moisturizing. It has helped greatly with my dry skin during this extremely dry season in Maine."

Joey A.

Portland, ME


From sore muscles to blissful slumber, the Lavender & Mint Salve and the 2500mg Hemp Extract Oil have been my number one go-to solutions!

David M.

New Harbor, ME


"I love the lip butter! It really feels like it soaks in and nourishes my lips. I have been using an assortment of the Hemp Extract Salves and can’t choose a favorite scent. They are all so lovely, subtle, and natural. I have been rubbing them into my neck and upper shoulders. I can feel the tension melt away as I apply. They leave my skin feeling soft, refreshed and not too oily. They smell natural and fresh!"

Annie A.

Bremen, ME


I have been using Pemaquid Oils' Salves, Hemp Extract Oils, and Moisturizing Body Oil since they first opened. I have many of their products and would love to share my daily uses:

Healthy and Frankincense - I diffuse daily. In addition to diffusing, I add a drop of Frankincense to my morning face moisturizer and place 1 drop of Healthy on the bottom of my feet for added protection.  

Meditation and Ylang Ylang - I use during yoga.

Rose Essential Oil -  I add a drop to my evening moisturizer. This leaves my face so soft!

Moisturizing Body Oil - I use it on my legs at bedtime (absolutely beautiful)

Rose Geranium Body Balm is a must-have in all households! I live in a very cold climate and my hands and feet could not survive without this product!

Pemaquid Oils' 2500mg Hemp Extract Oil is another product that I absolutely will not run out of!  I have neck/back and hip pain and I am amazed how the pain is almost non-existent with the use of this product.

Being a farmer, my husband has also begun to use it when he is having back pain. This product is truly AMAZING.  

Kathy D.

Marysville, OH


I have used Essential Oils for many years (I was a consultant for another top company at one time); these products are truly the best I have ever used. I was on the fence about the salves in the beginning because I have used so many products that claim to work but do not. The Hemp Extract Salves are amazing and work as quickly as you can rub them on. A MUST HAVE. I give this company, the founder, their customer service, and their knowledge of these 100% Natural, Organic products 5 stars!

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Kathy D.

Marysville, OH


"I’ve been using Pemaquid Oils regularly for various uses. I am a Pilates Educator and use the Lavender & Mint Salve on my clients to help heal any pain they come in with. The results have been fast and miraculous. My 94 year old grandmother used the Sage & Mint Salve on a bedsore and it vanished without any other treatment. My bulldog had a horrible rash that wouldn’t get any better until I started using the Lavender Plantain Salve on her. Her fur has already grown back and the redness and irritation is gone. I use the No THC Hemp Extract Oil at night to relax before sleep. The Rose Geranium Balm is divine and give my working hands 10 years back! I’m hooked. There is something so special about Pemaquid Oils' formulations; you can feel it in how rapidly effective they are. I’m hooked!"

Krista L.

Petaluma, CA


"I got the 7-Piece Essential Oil Kit for Christmas and it has changed the game for me. I bring the 7 oils with every time I spend a night away from my home. I use multiple oils daily - morning and night. I use the Rose Oil in my morning facial moisturizer, the Frankincense Oil in my night cream, I put the French Lavender on my pillow to sleep, and I diffuse the Lemon to purify my home. The Peppermint gives me energy and helps with my headaches. The Ylang Ylang smells heavenly and helps my mood when I'm feeling down.

Frannie P.

Jacksonhole, WY


Dear Pemaquid,Thank you so much for all of your amazing products!  I absolutely love everything!The Rose Geranium Body Balm is so moisturizing and smells fabulous.  I normally don’t care for the smell of rose outside of the real thing…but this smells like a real rose!  The same goes for the Lip Butter; whether it’s the rose or the lavender, they go on smooth and keep my lips soft.I can’t decide which Essential Oil I like best…they all smell so divine.After trying their products, I ordered the Lavender & Mint Hemp Extract Salve and the Moisturizing Body Oil. The No THC Hemp Extract Oil is already working to relieve the pain in my neck and hip and I am sleeping better (priceless). I use the Moisturizing Body Oil in my hair to keep my ends hydrated and smooth. I am so grateful to Donna for creating these beautiful products and making them available.

Kara W.

Sherman Oaks, CA