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- Testimonials -


“Firstly, the packaging was lovely…as if I was opening a holiday gift! I diffused the French Lavender Essential Oil as soon as I received the goods. The aroma was calming and pure.  Thank you Pemaquid Oils!”-

Karina W.

Nobleboro, ME


I have been using Pemaquid Oils Essential Oils since they first opened. 

Healthy and Frankincense - I diffuse daily. In addition to diffusing, I add a drop of Frankincense to my morning face moisturizer and place 1 drop of Healthy on the bottom of my feet for added protection.  

Meditation and Ylang Ylang - I use during yoga.

Rose Essential Oil -  I add a drop to my evening moisturizer. This leaves my face so soft!


Kathy D.

Marysville, OH


I have used Essential Oils for many years (I was a consultant for another top company at one time); these products are truly the best I have ever used. I have used so many products that claim to work but do not. I give this company, the founder, their customer service, and their knowledge of these 100% Natural, Organic products 5 stars!

Kathy D.

Marysville, OH


"I got the 7-Piece Essential Oil Kit for Christmas and it has changed the game for me. I bring the 7 oils with every time I spend a night away from my home. I use multiple oils daily - morning and night. I use the Rose Oil in my morning facial moisturizer, the Frankincense Oil in my night cream, I put the French Lavender on my pillow to sleep, and I diffuse the Lemon to purify my home. The Peppermint gives me energy and helps with my headaches. The Ylang Ylang smells heavenly and helps my mood when I'm feeling down.

Frannie P.

Jacksonhole, WY


Dear Pemaquid, Thank you so much for all of your amazing products! I can’t decide which Essential Oil I like best…they all smell so divine. I am so grateful to Donna for creating these beautiful products and making them available.

Kara W.

Sherman Oaks, CA

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